Midwifery Group Practice – GCUH

I was extremely lucky to be accepted into the Midwifery Group Practice on the Gold Coast for this pregnancy. I say extremely lucky because since I have been accepted I have found that there are only a hand full of women each month that are selected for this level of care.

When I first visited the doctors I wasn’t told about all these different levels of care I could access, or at least apply to access. I was simply added to the ‘shared care’ box and told to come back in 3 weeks for my next appointment. Fortunately, at my first midwife appointment I got to meet the loveliest woman who helped me understand everything! I knew as she went through all my options that the MGP was the one for me, one of my main concerns with pregnancy was having various doctors prod and poke the wee lady-bits! To most women this lovely fate in life has been long accepted since the start of their pap-smear cycle, however it’s never been something I am comfortable with and if I’m honest I had to be heavily persuaded to have a pap-smear all those years ago (ridiculous I know, but we all have our fears).

So anyway, for anyone reading who is considering the MGP at the GCUH then I will be keeping you posted on my experience and hopefully it will help with your decision!


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