Third Trimester

UTI – Antibiotics

So last week I started to get a cramp like feeling in my kidneys, particularly the left one. After texting the midwife in a panic (as usual, because even an itchy ear could be related to this pregnancy, poor midwife) she advised me I could have a Urinary Tract Infection. Of course, I googled how these effect pregnancies as all of us do and booked into the doctors immediately.

So off I go to the good old doc (literally, he is seriously pushing 80) and he asks me to go take a pee in a cup. It’s not until I get into the stall and realise I can only just see my toes these days never mind my vagina! It’s safe to say, the aim wasn’t great, and I spent at least 5 minutes applying my newly acquired cleaning skills to the public toilet. Don’t they have funnels for pregnant people to use? They should.
When I finally get back to the doctors room and he’s undone all my hard work by simply taking a ‘drip’ of the urine and pouring the rest away he confirms I will need some antibiotics. He decided to start me on a popular brand that to my amazement I knew, so I decided to double check and say “these are ok for pregnant women, right?” to which he replied “oh no dear, not for pregnant women”… I sat and just looked at him, then I looked down at my 31 week protruding belly and back up at him, eventually he clicked on to my subtle hint and re-prescribed a different antibiotic after spending 10 minutes reading which one he could issue in his ancient book.

Which brings me to the point of my story! Antibiotics are ‘Categorised’ for use in pregnancy. Category A & B are generally considered safe to use in pregnancy, however category C onward’s have not been tested on pregnant women so its best to avoid these when possible. My doctor assured me the new antibiotic was Category A, however my obsessive googling showed it was in-fact a B and had not been tested on pregnant women. As it was a B and other pregnant women had written to say they were OK I decided to start the course that day.
The next day after my fourth tablet (3 per day) my midwife texts to ask how I got on etc. I let her know which tablets I was taking and she replied to say I would need a Pro-biotic to avoid a yeast infection from them – TOO LATE! So not only am I an angry, hungry pregnant loon, I now have sore kidneys and thrush, which now that my legs are the size of elephants and rub together is the most frustrating thing I’ve ever endured.

So ladies I’ll leave you with my two tips: If you need antibiotics check the FDA Category listing, and get a probiotic!


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