Second Trimester

Truth on Areola

So we all know about the┬áLinea Nigra right? Well actually, if your like me it’s likely you didn’t but surprisingly I knew about this little dividing line before I got pregnant. Anyway, what I wasn’t told was that my nipples would also go this lovely shade of deep, dark brown!

We all have the fun conversations with our pregnant friends detailing the funny and somewhat ‘perky’ side effects of pregnancy…

BUT…while my friends where caught up telling me all about their newly acquired double D’s, they forwent the colouring and newly found enormity of their areola!

You will be happy to learn, as I was, that this is completely normal! Thank you to google and it’s magical answers, I’ve come to learn that my body is simply creating a very visual landing pad for my new baby to find her milk. Who would of thought, of all the amazing things the female body can do, we also change colour to save us the trouble of directing their little mouths straight to the source.

So the next time your partner asks what you’ve done today, you can proudly answer “I changed colour to feed the baby, what did you do?”


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