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When will i feel the baby move?

I remember one of the first things I wanted from the pregnancy was to feel the kicks, I think i wanted it that bad I actually made it up in my mind that I felt something. At only 8 weeks, its beyond doubtful, but I was quite happy with the new feeling I’d invented.

It actually took me a little longer than average to feel any kicks due to having an anterior low lying placenta, but we got there eventually at 19 weeks. I think one of the reasons I was missing them until they got stronger was because everyone was saying to feel for bubbles, flutters and butterflies when it actually just felt like something did a little flip in my stomach – Shock horror.


Literally, as simple as that, although I will admit if someone asks you to explain the exact feeling it is very difficult!

There where no fluttering butterflies that brought tears to my eyes, no little bubbles popping away, it was more like a wee bit of trapped wind. In fact that’s exactly what I thought it was for over a week, but once they get a little stronger you can start to clearly feel the difference between the two.
By 20-21 weeks I was able to feel the kicks by hand, again due the placenta issue it was more like a mini wobble rather than a tiny kick.

At 22 weeks my fiance could also feel the kicks… well kick, lets just say he isn’t completely sold on on the whole odd moving tummy just yet so once was enough  for him.

Enjoy those kicks ladies!


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